What it Means to Be a WealthCounsel Member

WealthCounsel is a membership organization that consists of thousands of attorneys who have access to a wide variety of back-office resources. Experienced lawyers are also available through WealthCounsel for attorneys who may need assistance in the area of estate planning. Established in 1997, WealthCounsel believes that members can excel while helping their clients create outstanding estate plans for their families, charities, and other important causes. They strive to ensure that estate planning tactics are used correctly, and every member of WealthCounsel is viewed as one of the best estate planning attorneys in the nation. The Greenwood Village estate planning lawyer at The Law Office of Steven R. Owens, P.C. is a member of the prestigious WealthCounsel organization, and offers clients only the best estate planning services.

WealthCounsel's History

Since 1997, WealthCounsel has grown at a rapid rate. The founders of WealthCounsel make every effort to develop and maintain captivating estate planning solutions that will help members increase their knowledge of estate planning, improve effectiveness, and grow their practices. WealthCounsel has helped many established law firms improve their operations, increase their productivity, and standardize excellent legal services. They believe that proper estate planning is not only beneficial for clients, but for clients' families and the professionals who assist the clients, as well. The organization is the only professional practice development company that offers a complete system of tools, continuing education programs, and professional resources that have been proven to increase a professional's profit and customer service skills.

WealthCounsel Attorney at The Law Office of Steven R. Owens

Attorney Owens is a member of the WealthCounsel organization. As a part of this association, Attorney Owens has the ability to create a full range of wealth strategies and plans for high net-worth individuals and families. WealthCounsel has given him the ability to change every client's life by creating a personalized estate plan. To learn more about WealthCounsel, or to schedule an appointment with Attorney Owens, please call the office to set up a free worksheet.

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