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Asset Protection in Arapahoe County

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In today's highly litigious society, what steps can you take to protect your hard-earned personal assets from lawsuits and creditors – especially if you operate in a high-risk profession or own your own business?

You may be surprised to find that you can legally, ethically and effectively protect and preserve the assets that are most important to the security of your family or your business, and you can efficiently do this by using common business entities—such as corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships and domestic asset protection trusts—it is not necessary to create exotic offshore trusts.

The key to effective asset protection is setting up these planning entities correctly, taking full advantage of the fully legal and ethical opportunities offered by controlling state laws. It is also important to set up your asset protection plan well in advance of any claims, since the occurrence of an actual claim or lawsuit will very likely make it impossible to implement effective asset protection planning. Therefore, to achieve solid asset protection, and to avoid expensive mistakes, it is vitally important that you work with an experienced attorney who is familiar with the full array of asset protection laws and the many opportunities that are available.

To learn which of the many effective asset protection strategies will work most effectively in your unique situation, call today to schedule a consultation today with Steven Owens, a third-generation Colorado attorney who practices extensively in the area of asset protection law.

Please call us today to schedule a personal consultation on asset protection planning. Whether you live in Arapahoe, Douglas, Denver or Jefferson County, we can provide you with the answers and legal services you need to protect your assets at all costs!

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