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Preparing a More Stable Future for Your Loved Ones

Every day that you do not have the appropriate estate plan in place is another day you put your loved ones at risk of dealing with future financial hardship. When individuals pass away and they do not have wills established (or wills written as effectively as they should be), their family members usually end up having to go through lengthy and costly probate court proceedings. On the other end of the spectrum, when people set up well-crafted wills and trusts, there is a much greater chance that there will be a smooth transfer of property. Wouldn't you rather know that the assets you have been working so hard for will end up in the right hands, going to whom you choose in the manner you choose? By working with our experienced Centennial estate planning attorney at The Law Office of Steven R. Owens, P.C., you can take action make sure your property has full asset protection. We can help you plan ahead in many different ways.

Making Sure You and Your Loved Ones Are Cared For

There are many factors that need to be considered when you are planning for the future. For example, you will need to ask yourself who you will choose to serve as the executor of your will and estate, or the trustee of any trusts you have set up for your loved ones. If you have a young child or a disabled child, you will also need to consider who will serve as a guardian for your son or daughter if you pass away prematurely. Special needs planning is an important tool for ensuring that a mentally or physically disabled family member will be able to benefit from his or her inheritance without subsequently becoming ineligible for important public benefits, such as through Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income benefits.

Are you a business owner? If so, this is a whole other area of your life that you need to plan for. You will need to establish a business exit strategy, which should allow you to leave your business with enough assets to retire comfortably. You will also need to be prepared for what will happen to your business if you were to unexpectedly pass away or become disabled. Our law firm helps with business planning, as well as with charitable planning (or planning that ensures that your assets are used for charitable purposes).

About Centennial, Colorado

Our firm serves individuals in the city of Centennial, which is located in the south metro Denver area in the state of Colorado. In 2010, Centennial had a population of 100,377, with 11.9% of the city's residents being age 65 or over, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The city's estimated 2012 population is 103,743.

Why choose us?

At The Law Office of Steven R. Owens, P.C., you can trust that you are working with a highly skilled legal professional, as our founding lawyer has more than two decades of estate planning experience. He is a third-generation Colorado attorney who has extensive knowledge in many different areas of estate planning. Our firm offers free workshops for individuals who want to learn more about how to help get their assets smoothly transferred to their loved ones in the future. Contact us to learn more about our services and our workshops!

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