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Estate Planning in Arapahoe County

Create an Effective Estate Plan with a Centennial Attorney

Our approach to estate planning is unique: we help you create a true Legacy Plan for your loved ones. What is a Legacy Plan? It is simply an estate plan that passes on your hard earned wealth to who you want, when you want them to have it, the way you want them to have it, at the lowest possible cost (avoiding taxes and probate costs) with maximum protection from lawsuits, waste and divorce.

Simply speaking, your estate includes all of the property that you own – everything that you have accumulated over a lifetime of hard work, good choices and sensible living, and we know that every client wants to pass that on in a meaningful way, without that Legacy being ravaged by taxes, probate, lawsuits and waste. Our job is to put those wishes into effect by creating solid, enforceable legal plans that really work.

To understand more about how you can create a comprehensive Legacy Plan, schedule a consultation today with Steve Owens, a third-generation Colorado attorney who practices exclusively in the areas of estate, tax and business planning.

Steve is a member of WealthCounsel — a unique national organization focused on the full range of planning strategies available to individuals and families. He is also an active member of the Esperti-Peterson Institute and the Estate Planning Counsel of Southeast Denver.

Steve and his staff will work with you to determine your personal goals and determine which legal tools will best achieve your goals. While each person is unique, planning questions might include:

Can I maximize my legacy through effective tax planning?

  • Reduction of income taxes
  • Elimination of gift taxes
  • Elimination of estate taxes
  • Elimination of capital gains taxes
  • Avoiding double taxation (estate taxes on top of income taxes)
  • Maximum stretch of IRA tax deferral

How can I ensure a rewarding retirement?

  • Efficient use of qualified retirement plans
  • Protection from nursing home costs
  • Asset protection tools

How can I achieve my Legacy goals?

  • Tools to avoid the cost and expense of probate
  • Living Trusts
  • Incentive and Legacy trusts
  • Protective trusts
  • Family partnerships
  • Gifting strategies
  • Charitable tools
  • Financial durable powers of attorney

How can I protect vulnerable loved ones?

Which tools can help me achieve my healthcare goals?

  • Living wills
  • Advance care directives
  • Medical durable powers of attorney

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