Special Needs Planning

The Importance of Special Needs Planning

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Some loved ones – for reasons of disability, limited ability or emotional difficulty – will always need some assistance with the challenges of daily life.

While you are alive and well, we know that you will provide these family members with a safety net – making sure that they are safe and that their day-to-day needs are being met. But what will happen when you are gone? Our clients tell us that is what keeps them awake at night.

The challenge might seem overwhelming, but it is not—all you need is an experienced guide, someone who can help you put a solid, reliable support system into place to care for that special loved one. That is our job, we are the guides—we understand the laws, we understand your special challenges, we understand your concerns, and we know how to address all of the important issues.

Special needs planning is a complex combination of legal tools, common sense arrangements, and well-thought-out contingency planning. The plan's goal is to provide maximum quality of life and maximum independence for the special loved one. Our job is help you put such a plan in place, a plan which takes into account your unique financial situation, your loved one's unique challenges, and the current laws. Our job is to help you sleep at night. We love this work, and it shows. Most of our referrals come from various therapists, hospitals, clinics, schools, agencies and other people who work with challenged loved ones—they know the difference quality planning makes, and they know that our planning is simply the best available.

Unfortunately, even though this planning is available to all families, most people either don't put any plan in place for their special loved one, or they rely on an inexperienced lawyer or financial planner, and the plan just simply does not work—after you are gone and it is too late to fix the mistakes, the plan exposes the special loved one to unnecessary risks and disqualifies the loved one from important benefits. These people didn't plan to fail their loved one, they just failed to plan for their loved one.

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It is absolutely critical in this area to entrust the future of your loved one to an attorney who takes the time and effort to fully understand special needs planning and who makes the commitment to keep abreast of the changing laws. To learn which strategies will work most effectively in your special loved one's unique situation, call today to schedule a consultation with Steve Owens, a third-generation Colorado attorney who practices extensively in the area of special needs planning.

Steve is a member of WealthCounsel — a unique national organization focused on the full range of planning strategies available to individuals and families. He is also an active member of Esperti-Peterson Institute, the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys, the Trust and Estates Section of the Colorado Bar Association, and the Estate Planning Counsel of Southeast Denver.

Because we understand your concerns, special financing options are available to families with special needs loved ones—we make quality planning affordable for everyone. Whether you are located in Arapahoe, Douglas, Denver or Jefferson County, The Law Office of Steven R. Owens can assist you immediately!

Building effective plans for parents of children with special needs is one of the things we really love to do. The process begins when you attend our workshop For the Love of My Special Child—Estate Planning For Parents of Children With Special Needs, where you will learn what you need to do, and how to being this very important planning process.

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