Your Legacy: Meaningful Estate Planning

By Steven R. Owens J.D.

While there are a variety of estate planning books available, very few address the task through the insightful perspective of Steven R. Owens, a practicing lawyer. His book emphasizes the importance of creating your legacy, or a legacy plan, to ensure a secure future for your loved ones. By examining your own individual goals and values, the author walks you through the process of creating your own legacy plan.

Through nineteen chapters, Attorney Owens maps out the basic solutions to common estate planning concerns and includes practical ways to deal with these situations. He also addresses the need for further attention when planning for a child with special needs, focusing on helping those who need it. His book also provides helpful information and tips on handling common obstacles with blended families, single persons, charitable planning and estate taxation. Your Legacy: Meaningful Estate Planning is a resource that will help people determine their future goals and prepare for the process of creating their own unique legacy plan.

Attorney Owens writes with the purpose of serving individuals without any previous law knowledge, making it an accessible read. He offers readers concrete and specific guidance on dealing with any estate planning questions or concerns they might have. Attorney Owens writes helpful information on how to protect the inheritance of loved ones for smaller estates, as well as how to minimize estate taxes for larger states.

Whether you have a small, medium or large estate, the book is suited for all types, emphasizing every individual's ability to create a unique legacy plan for his or her needs. The book is a helpful tool for understanding specific details of Colorado law as well as the generalities and principles of all other state laws.

If you are looking for an affordable and informative book on creating a personal legacy plan, Your Legacy: Meaningful Estate Planning is available now for purchase.

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